When you have your own business, it’s always wise to seek advice, knowledge, or what I call “words of wisdom” from others. During my life, I have come across a lot of people whom I have had the honor of knowing. More importantly, people who have helped me with some facet of my life. Please do not be offended, if you are not listed personally on this dedication page, for you are in my heart and thoughts all the time, but the following people stand out. Because of confidentiality, I am abbreviating their last names, but I think you’ll know who you are!

My Clients
Without all of you, I couldn’t wake up in the morning, knowing I can “eye your life.”

Jane H.
My second grade teacher, whom was the first that told me that I was very creative!

Carolyn L.
My sixth grade teacher, whom was one of the first to help me see who I really was and what greatness I could achieve.

Kim A.
A teacher, a friend, a mentor, a fellow Trekkie—amongst other things, she always told me that I could never think too much!

Sally P.
A professor, a mentor, a friend— helped me see the world differently and always told me writing wasn’t so linear!

Ron P.
Though a “Type A” personality, he got me interested in the financial services business as he was one of my first bosses!

Kathleen M.
A whole page should be dedicated to her. An entrepreneur in her own right, accepted me for who I am, and most importantly, keeps me balanced in my life!

Joe B.
A constant professional. Joe has been a huge center of influence and mentorship in my life the last few years. Without him, my business wouldn’t continue to evolve!

Chris H.
The other half of the “duo” with Joe. Without Chris, my business wouldn’t be as psychologically understanding.

Leigh M.
Without her, website, blogging, and everything you are reading wouldn’t be possible! She gently nudges you along, but it’s a firm nudge!

Shiva M
A unique spark of energy that she has brought me.

Dionysis H.
A good friend with a great perspective and outlook on family and life.

Jonathan B.
One of the best to always banter ideas back and forth!

Mom & Dad
Without their love and support, nothing would be possible!