Business Consulting

It has been proven that almost every facet of your life has some impact on the taxes that you file each year. As a result, it is important to get accurate, timely advice on a variety of topics. Whether you just lost your home, just got that big company stock plan, or if you are a new business owner, ION YOUR LIFE ®LLC has an eye for determining how to move forward! With our expert assistance and guidance, you will accomplish the goals you want to achieve toward better financial success!

Furthermore, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically, you may be having difficulty with your relationship with money or taxes. Our certified business life coach can ask you the right questions and leave you with the positive frame of mind you deserve to better your relationship with your finances!

We can assist you in the following areas of business consulting:

  • Cancellation of Debt/Insolvency (Real Estate, Credit Cards)
  • Business Entities/Formation
  • Stocks, ISOs, RSOs, Mutual Funds
  • Self Employed/Business Owners
  • Life-Coaching

Don’t wait another minute to lift your financial burdens by learning about efficient business tactics. Get the guidance you need to gain financial freedom! Take advantage of the benefits that our business consulting has to offer and call ION YOUR LIFE ®LLC today! We will be more than happy to schedule an appointment, and help you find an affordable, reliable solution!