About Us

ION YOUR LIFE ®LLC is here to help you or your business. If you are interested in the services I offer, learn a little about me and my business. I would like for you to know how I started, and how I have helped others. I look forward to working with you!

Our History

My years of experience in the financial and consulting industries has made ION YOUR LIFE ®LLC a company that’s passionate about helping people and their businesses.

About Steve

If you would like to learn more about my background and passions, discover how I began as a professional and certified business life coach.


Some amazing people have inspired me to create the company that I have today. I want to thank those people that have coached me to become my best.


I started ION YOUR LIFE ®LLC to help inspire others that they can achieve financial success and learn how to confidently handle their personal or business taxes. Because I understand that it can be an overwhelming and burdensome task for many, it is my passion to help you discover that it doesn’t need to be something you have to dread.

If you are ready to gain a better understanding and accomplish your personal or business goals, contact me today and we will get your started on a path to financial success!